Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who is a fool?

I have a beautiful water fountain on our porch. We made it years ago and collect tiny seashells, sea glass and pretty stones to put in to it. We spend time arranging the pebbles and shells to make it trickle and glimmer just right.
My son loves this fountain and every morning I turn it on for him and he spends long hours playing with it and making his dinosaurs dive into it's chilly depths or blowing bubbles next to it. Honestly I should have seen it coming and in hindsight I am surprised it did not happen sooner!
Today he had another thought...

...he poured his bubbles into the fountain!
"Very cool!", I tell him,"But let's not do that again." 
Then after awhile I empty it out and put clean water in. My son looked sad! My son tells me I am no fun!
I go to work in the garden. OK, who is the fool here?....

...he poured more bubbles in, a LOT more!

It grows and grows. It actually blows in the wind like a curtain.
"Isn't it beeee-u-tifoool", he sighs!
"Yes", I agree.

Growing still!

Now remember the question I asked before, who is the fool here?
I left to put the pics on my computer and in that time the sister got involved...

This bottle I filled yesterday!

Two empty bottles of bubbles...

...lovely blue water...

Yikes, I got to go! Things might get out of hand...